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3D Development

  • Learn to work with IClone 6 to develop 3D backgrounds and scenes
  • Use the free GIMP Image editor for 3D material editing
  • Work with 3D Max for high quality 3D backgrounds
  • Use the free 3D development tool Blender to create models for various programs

Character Animation

  • Create your own 3D movies using high quality 3D characters
  • Learn how to animate character movements and facial features
  • Change and edit the clothing of your characters
  • Use a “selfie” and create a 3D character that looks like you


  • Learn script writing techniques
  • Learn how to develop a storyboard
  • Create short movies for your school or clients
  • Create custom scenarios that can be used in online training

Game Development

  • Work with Unity 3D to develop cross platform games
  • Use elements from your 3D Movies in your game
  • Create games for mobile platforms from smartphones to tablets
  • Create games that can be used in training programs (gamification)

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