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Career Exploration Series

Welcome to the YEP Nation Career Exploration Series.  We allow youth to run a video shoot and interview people from various occupations. This is our Boys and Girls Club section of YEP Nation. Our core program is working with University Students to produce corporate projects ranging from Video and 3D Animation, to E-learning , Mobile Applications, and Game Based Learning.  This work funds our operation and growth of this program.


Here is Amir interviewing UPS Team Members.  The first video shows scenes from the production day.  The Team in this series are:

  1. Larue Martin
  2. Tammy Brown
  3. Jannelle Kack
  4. Lance Morris
  5. James Robinson

Use the Arrows on the video slider to see all of the videos.   Help us put this in more Boys and Girls Clubs.  The next city we plan to start in is Atlanta. We have a YEP Team in place to look for corporate projects to make that happen.

Irina Labouz: Account Executive – Atlanta



BAXTER – Tracy Allen

Here are two sisters interviewing Tracy Allen from Baxter.  These young ladies are getting great advice! Help us put this in more Boys and Girls Clubs.  Our YEP Team in Chicago are:

Katelynn Coleman: Account Executive


Heather Kuzmich: Project Development



Walgreens – Rona Fourte’

Here is Markala interviewing Rona Fourte’ from Walgreens.   These programs are providing great information for our youth!

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