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Private Lesson (instrument/vocals)

  • Classes support beginners, Intermediate & Advanced students
  •  Music theory and ear training
  • Learn the basic format of styles and aesthetics in order to create and write songs effectively

Sound and Audio

Individuals will learn how to set up audio recording equipment and troubleshoot the problems.

  • Microphone setup
  • Sound check
  • Live recording

Music Production

Students  learn how to produce music.

  • They will learn different software programs utilized in music creation
  • Protools (Logic & I phone apps)
  • Midi functions
  • Recording and Plug-ins, (what they are and how to use them)

Music Scoring

Students learn basic format for writing music for scores. (The individual must be able to read music intermediately)

  • Film Scoring
  • Individuals will learn how to create music for film using the programs Logic and Final Cut Pro.

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